Interior Photographer


Have some great interior design projects to show off? You may have taken some decent pictures with your phone or tablet to post on Instagram or other social media. But if you really want to show off your work, you’ll want to hire Reddie as your professional interior design photographer.

Advantages of Professional Interior Design Photography

Why should you have professional photographer, Reddie Henderson, for interior design? Simply because you want a photographer who is well-versed in interior photography and better yet someone who has experience with interior architecture photography, as well. You want photos that highlight the best parts of your work, details that will help your interior design expertise stand out.

Reddie will find camera angles and set up lighting in particular ways. His lighting can make the colors in a space pop and brighten it in a way to make it more inviting. The angles he chooses will make a space seem larger than it really is, making it more memorable.

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Stand out from the rest!

Lighting and Angles Are Key Factors in Creating Great Photos

If you put an amateur photo taken on a smartphone and put it side-by-side with one taken with a high-definition digital camera by Reddie, the differences will be quite striking. Even if the subject is exactly the same, the one created by Reddie will be brighter and show off many more details.

Reddie's photos are high-quality and feature great lighting and impressive angles. His images will represent your work far better than pictures taken by an amateur photographer. Even if you might consider yourself a good photographer, having Reddie's trained eye inspect a space and stage it properly makes a big difference in the final product.